The Rain Day Boys represent the first 18 of the 58 known soldiers from Greene County, Pennsylvania, who gave their lives during World War I.

As the efforts of research and remembrance continue during this 100th anniversary of their sacrifice, we will aim to profile all 58 soldiers here. The complete Roster of the Fallen includes the Rain Day Boys listed with their comrades.

Rain Day Boy Profiles

Albert "Bert" Buchanan

Albert "Bert" Buchanan - Rain Day Boy

Harold Thomas Carey

Harold Thomas Carey - Rain Day Boy

Hallie Jackson Closser

Harry Dunn

Harry Dunn - Rain Day Boys

John Grimes Duvall

John G. Duvall - Rain Day Boy

James Leo Farrell

James Leo Farrell - Rain Day Boy

Floyd Thomas Hickman

Floyd T. Hickman - Rain Day Boy

Benjamin Arvid Manning

Benjamin A. Manning - Rain Day Boy

Frederick W. Marshall

Frederick W. Marshall - Rain Day Boy

George T. McNeely

George T. McNeely - Rain Day Boy

Francis Benton Moore

Francis B. Moore - Rain Day Boy

Charles Edward Murphy

Charles E. Murphy - Rain Day Boy

John Milton Paden

John Milton Paden - Rain Day Boy

Walter Burtrum Riggle

Walter Burtrum Riggle - Rain Day Boy

Lawrence Leslie Staggers

Lawrence Leslie Staggers - Rain Day Boy

William Webster Throckmorton

William Webster Throckmorton - Rain Day Boy

Russell Kenneth Yoders

Russell Karl Yoders - Rain Day Boy

Norman Montgomery Zahniser

Norman M. Zahniser - Rain Day Boy