Fundraising goal

The estimated cost of this project is $30,000.00. This breaks down to be approximately $500.00 per honored soldier.

Donations are processed through the Greene County Legacy Association, a non-profit organization established for the completion of this community project.

Help Our Cause

Your generous support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals. Please see "In Honor of Our Soldiers" section below if you would like to remember a specific veteran with your donation.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

In Honor of Our Soldiers


Donations toward the World War I Memorial Project are greatly welcomed and appreciated. You may click the DONATE BUTTON above to donate online via PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards, or you may mail a check payable to Greene County Legacy Association, P.O. Box 329, Waynesburg, PA, 15370.

Sponsor a Soldier

Each of the 58 Greene County soldiers who gave their lives during World War I will be honored with a dogwood tree and a solar powered garden lantern displaying a Memory Medallion that will share the picture and life profile information of each soldier, as well as the identity of contributors to the project.

Review the Roster of the Fallen and let us know in the message section when making your donation (DONATE BUTTON above) if you would like to honor a particular soldier. We will list these remembrances on the Contributor Honor Roll.

Custom Dog Tags

Memory Medallion, Inc. is donating the 58 customized soldier profile Medallions for the World War I Memorial. In addition, we are offering a special fundraiser for this cause.

For a donation of $200.00 to the WWI Memorial Project, Memory Medallion will provide a customized, heavy-gauge, polished stainless steel dog tag that can honor ANY SOLDIER OF ANY SERVICE of your choice. One side will feature the soldier's photo and the other the Memory Medallion code, which when read via the camera of a smartphone will display photos, text, video, and links providing meaningful remembrance of the featured soldier.

Once your donation is received, you will be contacted by Memory Medallion via email with directions to provide a soldier photo and how to build bio content.

Send your $200.00 donation by using the DONATE BUTTON above and include DOG TAG in your message or mail a check with DOG TAG in the memo line, payable to Greene County Legacy Association, P.O. Box 329, Waynesburg, PA, 15370.

Thank you to all who have shared in this project!