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The Rain Day Boys

The Greene That Lay Near Grimpettes Woods

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Rain Day Boy Profiles

Between July 28-29, 1918, Greene County, Pennsylvania, went from 0 to 18 soldiers killed or mortally wounded in WWI.

WWI military map showing Hill no. 212 and Grimpettes Woods, the area where the Rain Day Boys fought.


There are two versions of the book available:  FULL COLOR and BLACK & WHITE. Books may be ordered here!

Authors at the grave of Rain Day Boy, John Paden, in Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, France.


Glenn Toothman is the Founder/CEO of Memory Medallion Inc. and a former  Greene County District Attorney.

Candice Buchanan is a board-certified  genealogist with a Master's Degree in Public History from Duquesne  University.  


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We are always looking for photographs, letters, diaries, and other insightful pieces that will shed light on the real lives of these brave young men as well as their experiences in the Great War. We are also very interested in their impact on family and community back home in Greene County, Pennsylvania.

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